Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cheap T Shirt Custom

You name it and you are likely to find a huge palette of colors and an impressive collection of designs on cheap custom t-shirts websites. All you have to do is visit a website that offers custom t-shirts; these websites usually feature easy to use tools that help you to design your very own t-shirts.

When designing a custom t-shirts at these websites; you get a wide variety of choices in terms of the design, pattern and colors. Several companies routinely make use of these t-shirts for marketing campaigns. Because there are a lot of choices available in the type of design that you can print on thee t-shirts; it becomes easy for companies to get their logo, name and product information printed on the custom t-shirts; these are subsequently used as gifts for employees, potential and existing customers and business acquaintances.

Screen printing has cheap printing costs, but a large setup cost that depends on how many colors go into your design. If you only have 1 color, the setup cost is small and your shirt prints will not cost you very much. A digital print has no setup cost and allows for unlimited colors on your design, but the cost of each print is considerably higher than the cost of a screen print.

The Shirt Color Matters too
Screen printing on dark colored shirts usually costs more than printing on light colored shirts. If your design requires a digital print, it is normally not even possible to digitally print on a dark shirt. This means that if you're design uses many colors (5 and up), print it on a light colored shirt. In general, printing your design on light colored shirts is cheaper than dark colored shirts (as a sidenote, light colored shirts are normally cheaper than dark colored shirts as well).

Each print that your shirt requires costs money, so limit how many places you plan on printing on.

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