Monday, April 27, 2015

Tooth Decay and Its Treatments

As warned by the World Health Organization, tooth decay is one of the world's most prevalent health problems in industrialized and especially in developing countries. Excessive destruction of this outer surface of the tooth results in tooth decay.

Combined with gum disease, this gum recession exposes the tooth root to plaque. This will Causes of tooth Cavities the breakdown of the tooth root. People who already have a number of dental restorations (fillings and crowns) may also suffer from tooth decay, especially around the teeth's edges, or margins.

The cost of spoiling your sweet tooth. Tooth decay, particularly in the front teeth, may become an impediment towards achieving a pleasing appearance, thus affecting self-esteem. Although tooth decay remains as one of the most common chronic disease, today many people are in better oral health than before. The American Association for Dental Research and International Association for Dental Research have long been collaborating to disseminate ways of preventing tooth decay. Dental researchers have recently discovered how the bacteria which attack teeth, stick themselves to the enamel.